What People Say About The Articles of Transformation

Now, we can use this brilliant, technically savvy, scriptural series to point a new generation to the high calling of God. It's time for a cultural revolution.

Dr. Charles Travis
Logos Global Network & CEEC
Video Testimony

The Articles of Transformation address the core challenge we all face as Christians: personally developing the character of Christ. Using God’s creations as our tudors, combined with Scripture, provides powerful illustrations making it easy to understand God's will, His ways, and His truth that leads to spiritual transformation.

Personal discovery exercises and journaling for reflection - provided in bite-sized segments - adds layer upon layer of understanding and discipline without overwhelming students with lengthy studies. The twenty-one lessons offer ample transformational opportunities.

I personally recommend this series to any individual; but most heartily, I urge every church leader to utilize this tool to promote church growth. This approach is not unlike the model of the first century church. Now, we can use this brilliant, technically savy, scriptural series to point a new generation to the high calling of God. It's time for a cultural revolution.

Dr. Charles Travis
Logos Global Network and CEEC

Without reservation, I highly recommend Domenic and Charlie Fusco whom I know to be true servants of our holy Faith. They will inspire any group or individual who subscribes to their on line quotes and commentaries (www.greatnewsonline.com). And those who attend their scripturally grounded, motivational presentations (www.articlesoftransformation.com) will see by example, and discover through the revelations taught by God’s creations, how to be successful in all things that count.

Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Richard W. Trout

All you have done with this project has been a wonderful blessing to me and to all we have shared The Articles of Transformation with.  As we talk about this with friends it does touch someone's life with the love of God.  It does give them the hope and future found in Christ alone. The testimonies on the right sidebar are so well done to complete the lessons.  I really think it is what all of us need and pray about those around us that need direction... a helping hand.   The Articles of Transformation video series may be something that could change the USA spirit and bring many back to where we all need to be.

Sylvia Clubine

A Masterpiece!

Dr. Larry Kennedy
President of The Quality Management Institute

Domenic and I have successfully worked together as motivational speakers for a number of organizations. I had the good fortune of listening to a complete set of his Articles of Transformation while on a long road trip. I believe his systematic approach to personal growth will build the character attributes necessary to succeed in life: personal and business. These Articles should be mandatory coursework for all high school students. What a way to start out in life!

Paul Morris
VP of Marketing, ExFuse, Inc.

Achieving True Prosperity in Relationships, Business & Community Begins with Personal Transformation

Life is like the game of golf. There is no perfect score. Someday's you win; someday's you fall short. The Articles of Transformation offer principles for living a prosperous life: from the challenges to the victories. As I have applied these truths, they have literally changed my life and my game. I strongly encourage everyone to take these articles to heart and begin your own journey of positive transformation. God Bless!

Jean Pierre Ely
Professional Golfer

I have been a training consultant and speaker coach for twenty years. In that time, I have seen hundreds of products and programs designed to elicit transformation. Working with industry giants like Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Robert Allen, Bob Proctor and others has allowed me to see many of those products in their developmental stages. The Articles of Transformation are among the handful of those programs that I heartily recommend to actually create the transformation they promise. Domenic Fusco’s presentation of the allegorical tales is captivating and his instructions clear.

Janet Gow
Business Consultant and Life Coach


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